Xavier de Bolós

Xavier de Bolós

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Postdoctoral Researcher at UNAM


Hazards and risks due to natural phenomena


Phone number: (52) 01 443 322 2777
E-mail: xavier.bolos(at)gmail.com
WebSite: www.xavierbolos.wordpress.com


Dr Bolós is a geologist studying physical volcanology. His interests are mostly volcanostratigraphy, eruption dynamics, structural analysis and geophysical application in monogenetic volcanism.
His research is focused on characterizing how regional and local tectonics have influenced and controlled volcanic activity, in order to understand how magma is transported through the lithosphere and erupts at the surface. He specialized in the geology of the uppermost part of the lithosphere and its role in determining the distribution of volcanic vents and eruptive styles. Furthermore, He has been working to establish general guidelines to study structural controls in active monogenetic volcanism, thus contributing to improve our understanding of them. He applies different methods, such as geophysical methods, fieldwork, geomorphological and structural analyses in order to obtain all of the necessary data to model the structure and stratigraphy of active volcanic fields.