Giovanni Sosa Ceballos



Associate Researcher


Hazards and risks due to natural phenomena

Contact Information:

Phone: (52) 01 443 322 2777 - ext. 42675
Mail: giovanni(at)


Giovanni is a geologist specialized in the magmatic processes (crystallization, magma mixing and assimilation of the crust) that influence the eruption of magmas. The tools he uses for his research are field geology, geochemistry, experimental petrology (Renée Cold Seal pressure bombs and Piston Cylinder), infra red (FTIR) and Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and mineral microanalysis using an electron microprobe ( EPMA).

He is currently responsible for the Microanalysis Laboratory of the Mexican Center for Innovation in Geothermal Energy (CEMIE-Geo). All semesters of January-July teaches the subject of Advanced Igneous Petrology at the Postgraduate School of Earth Sciences, UNAM.