Miguel Ángel Santoyo



Associate Professor


Working Group:

Hazards and Risks due to Natural Phenomena


Contact Information:



email santoyo(at)geofisica.unam.mx

Web site: http://masantoyo.weebly.com/


SNI category: National Researcher rank 1

CVU: 280056

Short Biography:

Education: Geophysical Engineer at Faculty of Engineering, UNAM; MSc. in Seismology and Physics of Earth’s Interior, UNAM; PhD. in Science (Seismology), UNAM, México.

Current Position: Associate Professor at Institute of Geophysics UNAM, Campus Morelia, in the area of earthquakes seismology. Also National Researcher rank 1 at SNI.

Positions Held: Associate Professor (“Ramón y Cajal” Fellow) at the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Physics, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (2011-2014). Assistant Professor at Institute of Astronomy and Geodesy CSIC, Spain (2009-2010). Assistant Professor (“Juan de la Cierva” Fellow) at the Department of Applied Physics, University of Almería, Spain (2006-2009). In México between 1990 and 2005: Head of Geological Risk Section, General Authority of Civil Protection of México City; Research Associate at the Metropolitan Geological Survey, UNAM; Research Assistant at National Centre for Disasters Prevention (CENAPRED).

Research interests: Seismology. Static and dynamic stress transfer. Dynamic deformations from earthquakes. Kinematic and dynamic inversion of earthquake's source.  Induced seismicity. Diffuse fields in seismology. Pore pressure diffusion. Wave propagation and site response. Seismic hazard.

Teaching experience: 25 years as lecturer in Mathematics, Applied Physics and  Geophysics at different Universities in México and Spain: Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Science, UNAM, México; Polytechnic School of Engineering, University of Almería, Spain; Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Geology and Faculty of Physics, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. As student’s advisor: 4 bachelor degree theses, 2 MSc. theses and currently a PhD Thesis at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

Publications: 32 research articles in SCI indexed journals; H-index h=13. Additionally, more than 70 publications including non indexed peer reviewed articles, chapters in books, extended proceedings, internal reports, and other outreach publications. Editorial services: as reviewer for 15 international Journals and reviewer for three Scientific International and European agencies.

Other University positions: Between 1998 and 2003 as University Counselor UNAM, and member of 7 University Committees at different Universities in Mexico and Spain: UNAM, Almería University and Complutense University of Madrid.